Select Outdoor Sculptures by Dennis Smith

Salt Lake City.

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord..." Psalm 127:3 (below):

The sculpture below was commissioned by American Savings and Loan Association for the enjoyment of the people of Utah. August, 1979:

First Day of School

Frost powders tender grass-
last summer's passed-
and on the way to school
the silent scent of apples
mellows all fall air
this morning

There will be no little girl
returning in the afternoon
who hasn't left the circle
of the summer past
forever, like the melting
wisps of autumn smoke
from leaves, quietly
and blue-grey fading
into frosty air.

By the vanity
her mother combs the hair,
brushes it back,
over and over,
soft petals tumbling,
tender rose of fall.
Dennis Smith

Peace Cradle:

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