Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial

Henry Kreis and Albert Stewart, dedicated July 3, 1958. West side of Hill street ,immediately north of 101 Freeway.

Text from the memorial:

Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial, to the brave men and women who with trust in God faced privation and death in extending the frontiers of our country to include this land of promise.

On this site stood Fort Moore, built by the Mormon Battalion during the war with Mexico. This memorial honors the troops who helped to win the Southwest. The flag of the United States was raised here on July 4th, 1847 by United States troops at the first independence day celebration in Los Angeles.


Photographs taken in 1998 and 2004.

The memorial depicts the "United States 1st Dragoons who fought at San Pasqual, the New York volunteers who came by sea, the Mormon Battalion which made one of the longest and most arduous infantry marches in history."

The mural also has three reliefs which show the progress brought by settlers to the region (the text is from the memorial)

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