"Trojan Column" and Plaques

Taper Hall for the Humanities, University of Southern California.
The front plaque on the column has a quote from Lord Byron:

"Ye parent goods! Who rule the fate of Troy,
Still dwells the Dardan spirit in the boy,
When minds, like these, in striplings thus ye raise,
Yours in the godlike act, be yours the praise."

The presentation plaque states:

"This section of a column from the legendary Troy, quarried and polished without the aid of iron tools at an unknown date before 1200 B. C., stood in the courtyard of a public building, believed to have been a temple of Trojan Apollo. It was presented to the University of Southern California by the Republic of Turkey, and dedicated on October 29, 1952."

The side plaques reads:

"From a far place and long ago and broken, I have come at last to another Troy. But still Iam, and Troy lives once again."

"Hector and Paris saw me at Troy: I suffered the wrath of Agamemnon. And once, as she passed, golden Helen brushed me with her sleeve."


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