Public art, sculptures, fountains and murals at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles

The University of Southern California, the oldest major independent co-educational and non-sectarian university in the American West, celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 6, 1980. "Conceived by practical visionaries of the day and born of Methodism's nineteenth century zeal for higher education, the University of Southern California came into being the same year that James A. Garfield was elected President of the United States and Thomas Alva Edison was granted a patent for incandescent lamp." (Trojan Gallery, p.4) During the first half century of the University's existence, public artwork was conceived within the fairly homogenous ideals of nineteenth century education, depicting the education of the mind and the body. These ideals were exemplified by the relief plaques commemorating student life on Bridge Hall and Gwynn Wilson building, and by the statues on the clock tower of the Bovard Administration building. It is important to note that most of the buildings constructed during that time period including the Science Hall, Mudd Hall of Philosophy, Hoose Library of Philosophy and the Doheny Library, were built in an Italianate style, harking back to the Renaissance and pre-Renaissance periods as the cradle of modern thought and sensibility.

The 1960s and 1970s were a time of academic enrichment and physical growth of the University, and this was reflected in the sculptures which were acquired at that time. Many of the public art works from that period relied on abstract definitions of volume and space. Over all, there are many sculptures and fountains on the University campus which commemorate donors, scholars, and USC luminaries. These pages constitute an attempt to capture permanent works on the University Park Campus.

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