New York Woman's Literary Salon

October 1976 Newsletter

Text of the Newsletter:
The Woman's Salon's third reading of our second season will be from Robin Morgan's new book of poems, The reading will be:


By Robin Morgan

Saturday, November 13, at 8:00 PM

463 West St., Apt 933B Duncan

Westbeth--Between Bank & Bethune Sts.

Robin Morgan's new book of poetry represents a deepening commitment both to creation of a world community based upon feminist values and to poetry as a means for effecting this global transformation. Since her first book of poetry, MONSTER, which was a clear articulation of feminist consciousness as it evolved through the 1960s, Morgan’s sense of the lives of women and of men struggling free of patriarchy has grown and so informed her poet's eye and ear as to produce lyrics of a high order. Use of archetypal images and relationships and attention to the music within the sounds of words have become major elements of her poet's craft. And because her poems issue from the collective need to invent a morality of sisterhood they become exaltant odes to the eternal cycle of death and of rebirth through whose acceptance the new world reveals itself. Morgan's prose works are: SISTERHOOD is POWERFUL, an anthology (1970) and GOING TOO FAR (to be publIshed in the Spring).

As usual, women only are invited to the salons. Guests are welcome. Although we urge you to subscribe to the year's programs as described in our brochure, if you are unable to do so, please bring a contribution of $1 or so to help us cover the cost of mailing, or contribute some wine or food. There will be an opportunity to talk, have wine and cheese, and meet the author from 8:00 to 9:00 PM. The reading, itself, will begin promptly at 9:00. If you have a book or magazine or other publication that you would like to show or offer for sale at the November salon, please bring a few copies to display on our book table.

NEW BLUE BOOKLET FOR MEMBERS: We now have over 50 subscribing members from all parts of the country and abroad. In expansion of our exploration of critical writing as a means of entry into works of art, we are planning to publish a members’ BLUE BOOKLET of short critical-essays about women writers whose works have had an important impact upon us. We are asking for all submissions to be perfectly typed, ready to be offset with a maximum length of three double spaced pages. Suggested margins ares one-half inch top and bottom and three-quarters of an inch on the left and right hand sides of the page. Because we de not have time or womanpower to retype submissions we will be unable to accept contributions which do not conform to these requirements. Please pack submissions in heavy cardboard. Remember to use a dark typewriter ribbon. Deadline is January 1, 1977. New members are welcome to join. We will publish all contributions by members and speakers who have participated in our salons.

NEW SALON COORDINATOR: Because of the pressure of outside commitments, Marilyn Coffey and Carole Rosenthal will not be functioning as salon coordinators this year. Their contributions in the shaping of our Salon have been vital, and they are still working closely with us. Carole Spearin McCauley, who womans our salon book table, has come forward to take their place. Carole is now completing her fifth book--- a short novel entitled SHIRT SETTLEMENT about a teen-age girl, tinker, and two business partners, Eila and Jody. The book attempts an honest compassionate portrait of a lesbian couple confronting bigotry in a New England town. Her previous books include: SIX PORTRAITS (1973), Computer Assisted Fiction, Published in Germany. HAPPENTHING IN TRAVEL ON (1975), Daughters Inc., COMPUTERS AND CREATIVITY (1974) Praeger, and PREGNANCY AFTER 35 (1976), E.P. Dutton & Co. She has published articles, stories and poems in magazines and anthologies. Her computer texts have been featured it art shows in the U.S., Canada, and Germany. She has also lectured widely about experimental fiction. We are very happy to have her working with us.

NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS GRANT PUBLICATION: Salon Founder, Erika Duncan's first novel WANING, has been selected by Valerie Harms of Magic Circle Press for publication with a special grant from The National Endowment for the Arts. It will be appearing in the Spring. Erika read the Death of Clair section from the novel (published in ARMADILLO) last year at the January Salon.

REBERCCAH REHEARSALS: REBECCAH, Karen Malpede’s play which was read at the March Salon last season, is in rehearsal and will open for a 4 week run in December. Tina Shepard acts the title role. Others in the company are: Marcie Beglick, Designer; Jan Cohen, Sybille Hayn, Ellen Maddow, Ann McGinnis, Gloria Mojica, Lois Weaver, Pam Vegge. Thanks to everyone who contributed money to this project. Through many small gifts and one very generous gift we have raised enough money to cover rehearsal salaries and production costs.

MEMBERS' NEWS: Judith Stein, an Art Historian at Temple Univ., plans to generate interest in a Woman's Salon in Philadelphia. Alix Kates Shulman brought her Creative Writing class from NYU’s School of Continuing Education to our Marge Piercy Salon. Sharon Spencer's new book on Anais Nin, COLIAGE OF DREAMS: THE WRITING OF ANAIS NIN, will be published by Swallow Press. Freda Leinwand’s photo of The Woman's Salon will be published in the December issue of Ms. Magazine, which will carry a short article on the Woman's Salon by Gloria Orenstein in its Gazette Section.

READINGS: At Womanbooks, 201 West 92nd St, the following readings will be held free of charge. Refreshments are also served, Wed., Nov. 3, 8 PM: Carol Emshwiller and Helen Hawkins will read short stories. Carol is author of the short story collection JOY IN OUR CAUSE. Wed., Nov. 10, at 7:30 PM (Women Only) Elly Bulkin, co-editor of AMAZON POETRY and Jan Clausen, author of AFTER TOUCH, will read poetry. Wed., Nov. 17, 8 PM, Poet Allison Colbert, author of LET THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN, reads and discusses self-publishing. Tuesday, Nov, 30, 8 PM (Women Only) Esther Newton and Shirley Walton will read from their newly published journal WOMENFRIENDS. Bring a short excerpt from your own journal to share.

REDBOOK CONTEST: Jacqueline Johnson, Associate Editor of REDBOOK, wrote and asked us to announce their short story contest. REDBOOK’S Young Writers' Contest, open to women and men (ages 18--28) welcomes your story. For further information write to Redbook's Young Writers Contest; Box F. 230 PARK Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017.

CALENDAR ANNOUNCEMENTS: The meetings of The Woman’s Salon are being announced in POETRY CALENDAR, a monthly comprehensive listing of all readings in all boroughs. This calendar, started by Susan Timmons, Sara Miles and Bob Holman, is an attempt to end cliquishness and give an overview of the Variety of readings going on in the city area. The calendar is distributed in Bookstores.

PUBLISHER'S CONMIBUTIONS: Bill Loverd, the Publicity Director at Knopf, contributed 40 books to be sold for the benefit of the Salon (20 copies of Susan Yankowitz’s SILENT WITNESS and 20 copies of Marge Piercy’s WOMAN ON THE EDGE OF TIME.) We have been selling them at a slight discount to our audiences and still have some copies left. Through our contact with Bill Loverd, we have been discovering the possibilities of cooperation between ourselves and commercial publishers in promoting the artistic novels which are too often neglected. We would like to encourage any other publishers who wish THE LIBERATED WOMAN'S APPOINTMENT CALENDAR (1977) is now on sale at our salon book table. It includes the announcement of our first woman's salon at Gloria Orenstein's house on November 22, 1975. Proceeds from the sale of this calendar go to the Woman's Salon. We urge you all to support and contribute to our book table.

Erika Duncan/Karen Malpede/Carole Spearin MeCauley/Gloria Feman Orenstein

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