New York Women's Literary Salon

March 1976 Newsletter

Text of the Newsletter:
Because of many requests from those who heard Erika Duncan's "The Death of Clair", as well as those who missed it, Erika will do a second reading from her recently completed novel, a poetic exploration of the psychology and memories of very old people. This time she will read the final chapter in which Laura dies among the ruins of Holy Cross Chapel. Reading will be:

Saturday, March 20 at 8 P.M.
Apt. 933B, Westbeth
463 West Street (691-0539)

The novel deals with the attempts at closeness and communication which cannot be among the characters, who are all related to each other not only in the present but in the distant past. As their separate lives merge, their earlier relationships are re-activated by the surrealistic resurfacing of the obsessions of their childhoods, helping them to draw towards death re-united with the many lost parts of themselves which will give their lives a meaning that transcends their tragic isolation.

"The Death of Clair" section which Erika read in January was published in the fall issue of Armadillo, Erika has also published articles on Marguerite Young and her work.

Her reading will be introduced by Gloria Orenstein, the author of The Theater of the Marvelous, Surrealism and the Contemporary Stage. Please bring a small contribution of food or wine. Guests are welcome.

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