New York Woman's Literary Salon

April 1976 Newsletter

Text of the Newsletter:
The April Woman's Salon will feature three works by short-story writer Carole Rosenthal whose work has been published here and abroad. She will read:



"The Baby Tooth"

Short stories by Carole Rosenthal
Saturday, April 24, 8 p.m.
Ellen Evjen's studio at 54 E. 11th St., 5th floor

Carole's work explores the contradiction between our internal experiences and our external reality. The three stories she will read explore aspects of the male-female relationship, told from the perspective of the female character. The stories are fast-paced and intense; vivid images and spare language plunge the reader directly and deeply into the inner life of her women. The work is rich in irony and humor. Next month two of Carole's stories, "The Star" and "Selected Short Subjects" will appear in TRANSATLANTIC REVIEW and NEW DAWN, respectively. Novelist Erika Duncan will introduce Carole.

The reading will be held at the studio of Ellen Evjen, an artist whose recent work will be on display.

As usual, women only are invited to the Salon; guests are welcome. Please plan to contribute $1.00, food or wine. Bring any publications or flyers you want to sell or display for our Book Table.

MARCH SALON: More than one hundred women came, on a Saturday night, to listen to Tina Shepard, Ellen Maddow, and Sybille Hayn read "Rebeccah," part one of a three-part cycle play by Karen Malpede. Rehearsal at the Chelsea Theater for a fall production of "Rebeccah" directed by Tina Shepard, has begun. Acting in the work are Tina, Ellen, Sybille, and four actors from the Spiderwoman Theater Workshop: Muriel Miguel, Gloria Mojica, Pamela Verge, and Lois Weaver.

THE SALON NEWSLETTER: If you want to have an event announced in this newsletter, you should contact any one of us by phone or by mail and simply ask to have your notice included. It is not possible for us to cover all the women's artistic events in the city, but we would be pleased to publish any notice you send: an invitation to women to come to your home for a reading, a workshop, a discussion, a viewing of your artwork or photography; an announcement of a pending publication, reading, showing, etc. We hope that women who come to our Salon will act on their own to figure out ways to use the tremendously supportive energy of our audiences to advance their own work, or the work of their friends. Publicizing your own activities in these pages is one way; our newsletter currently reaches some 300 women. Bringing flyers of events to the Salon Book Table is another. This is our last issue of the newsletter until September; we will announce our final Salon of the season, planned for May 8, by flyer.

POETRY NOTES: Lynn Sukenick, California poet, will give a reading Sat. May 1 at 8 p.m. at Gloria Orenstein's home, 711 Amsterdam Ave. Lynn, who has written three books of poetry, won a 1975 National Endowment of the Arts grant; she teaches creative writing at the University of California in Santa Cruz.

Women/Poems, one of 48 literary magazines to receive a grant from the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines, is soliciting poetry manuscripts. Send them to Celia Gilbert or Pat Rabby, editors, 23 Meriam St., Lexington, Mass. 02173.

WRITERS' GROUP: Salon members Leslie Tanner and Mary Epes are interested in forming a group for fiction and nonfiction prose writers who are seriously committed to writing (no beginners) but who have not been published. Interested? Call Mary, evenings, at 477-5685 or Leslie, daytimes, at 475-8760. They plan to limit the group to 10 people.

PUBLISHING NOTES: A party to celebrate the publication, in paperback, of Andrea Dworkin's WOMAN HATING was held April 11th at the Womens Coffeehouse. There was real cause to celebrate: the publication was a result of protests by women at Andrea's publisher.

Carmen Cahill of a feminist publishing house in England, Virago, has sent the Salon two books for display on the Book Table: Cathy Porter's FATHERS & DAUGHTERS: RUSSIAN WOMEN IN REVOLUTION and Book 1 on education and work of THE GENDER TRAP: A CLOSER LOOK AT SEX ROLES, a series by Carol Adams and Rae Laurikietis.

Barbara Baracks, audiographics editor, New Wilderness publications, is producing a catalog/magazine documenting a series of audiotapes soon to be released.

THEATRE NOTES: Joyce Aaron and Luna Tarlo's play, "Acrobatics," with Jacqueline Barnett and Joyce, had a successful run at the Interart Theatre, Women's Interart Center, in March and April. The play was reviewed in the N.Y. Times, the Village Voice, and elsewhere.

The "Rebeccah" Company must raise money for subsistence salaries during its rehearsal periods. To date, fund-raising efforts for this feminist play have produced some funds, but more money is needed. The Company needs our support financially as well as artistically. You can directly contribute to the production by sending a tax-deductible contribution to Money for Women, c/o Barbara Deming, Box 98A, RFD 1, Monticello, N.Y. 12701. Make out your check or money order to "Money for Women" and earmark it for "Rebeccah."

PHOTOGRAPHY: Marilyn Schwartz and ten other photographers, including Patricia Garrett, Elizabeth Heyert, and Valerie Meyer, are participating in a community photography event sponsored by the New City Free Library and the town of Clarkstown, N.Y. Marilyn writes that she is conducting private sessions in developing and printing film, at reasonable cost. She can be reached at 691-0961.

NEW MAGAZINE: The first issue of WOMANART, a new magazine, is due out May 15th. It will be on sale at galleries and bookstores in the SoHo area, according to Ellen Lubell, editorial director and co-publisher of the magazine. WOMANART is a fine arts magazine, emphasizing women's art, women artists, and articles relevant to women in art. The first issue includes an article on Gertrude Stein, on Gallery 15, the first woman's coop gallery, and on recent protests at the Guggeheim and the Whitney by women artists. There will also be reports on lectures, events, and panels, says Ellen.

CAPS GRANTS: Congratulations to the women writers who won CAPS grants this year. They were: in POETRY, Jane Augustine, Helen Chasin, Irena Klepfisz, Joan Larkin, Audre Lorde, Cynthia Macdonald, Nancy Willard; in PLAYWRITING, Honor Moore, Cynthia Buchanan, Victoria Nancy Fales, Joanna H. Kraus, Barbara Ann Teer; in FICTION, Kathy Acker, Glenda Adams, Laura Furman, Bernadette Mayer, Norma Rosen, Carol Sturm Smith. Out of 90 recipients in six categories, 33 were women. Deadline for next year's CAPS grants in choreography, fiction, film, multi-media, playwriting, and poetry is April 19th.

BOOK NOTE: Recently published book that might interest some Salon readers is Ellen Moers's LITERARY WOMEN: THE GREAT WRITERS ($10 from Doubleday). In it, Ellen traces literary traditions that have arisen from women's experiences--an affiliation with the underdog, the symbolism of birth, and the theme of money, for instance.

Congratulations to playwright Susan Yankowitz whose first novel, SILENT WITNESS, has just been published by Knopf. It is the story of the prison life of a deaf-mute who is convicted for the murder of her lover. Susan is known for her plays TERMINAL and SLAUGHTERHOUSE PLAY.

Marilyn Coffey, 210 West 10th St., NYC 10014 - (212) OR 5-8634
Erika Duncan, 463 West St., NYC 10014 - (212) 691-0539
Y,aren Malpede, 333 East 5th St., NYC 10003 - (212) 477-0150
Gloria F. Orenstein, 711 Amsterdam Ave., NYC 10025 - (212) 865-1685
Carole Rosenthal, 37 1/2 St. Mark's Pl., NYC 10003 - (212) CA 8-4289

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