Cerridwen Salon for the Multi-Arts

(Note: This letter acknolwedges the receipt of the archive of Cerridwen Salon for the Multi Arts)
RADCLIFFE COLLEGE 10 Garden Street 9 Cambridge, Mass. 02138

May 29, 1981

Dear Gloria Orenstein:

Thank you for your very informative letter on the history and development of the Woman's Salon for Literature and the Cerridwen Salon in the Multi-Arts. It and the enclosures will be valuabld additions to the Schlesinger Library's files. From Freda Leinwand's photographs and description of the Salons, we had an idea of their activities, but had not realized how numerous and important their programs have been. It is good to know that they will continue in New York. I will be interested to know if you start a similar venture on the West Coast.

We do not have anything exactly comparable here, but Radcliffe does sponsor various colloquium series in which affiliated scholars, at the Bunting Institute, Library, Murray Center, etc., present work in progress, occasionally poetry, fiction or music, but more often in an academic discipline, for discussion by their peers. The Library also sponsors the Charlotte Perkins Gilman Series which brings outside scholars to discuss their work as it relates to current issues in women's studies. Men as well as women attend these events but, on the whole, presenters as well as audiences are predominantly female. These events probably do not attract as varied an attendance as the Salons, but are enormously useful to presenters in eliciting productive criticism, and for all of us in stimulating discussion on a wide range of topics.

As an alumna, you may be on Radcliffe mailing lists that keep you well informed on the Schlesinger Library's activities, but in case it is of interest, I am enclosing some of our more recent literature. I hope that you will keep the Library in mind and send along or let me know about activities or materials that might be of particular interest to present and future researchers. Despite our efforts, we can keep track of only a fraction of what is being done by women and we are always grateful for assistance.


Patricia M. King

Gloria Orenstein
711 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York 10025


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