Cerridwen Salon for the Multi-Arts

(Note: This letter accompanied the archives from the Cerridwen Salon for the Multi Arts, which was donated to Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College)
17 East 89th Street
New York, New York 10028
June 8, 1981

Pat King, Director
Schlesinger Library
Radcliffe College
10 Garden Street
Cambridge, Mass. 02138

Dear Pat King:

As promised, here are the archives from the CERRIDWEN Salon For the Multi-Arts, which was inaugurated in December, 1980 and has created three multi-art salons to date. These salons have consistently been organized around specific themes such as:

1. Women's Myth and Ritual
2. Ripening (Maturing, Aging)
3. Women and Earth Ecology:
We are enclosing a written narrative about the contents of each of our salon programs with texts of works read as well as other pertinent brochures or flyers about our participants' professional lives. Our narrative enclosures include our individual opening speeches and Gloria’s departure statement.

For the purposes of future funding we will be collecting resumes of each of our participating artists, and when we have collected all of them, we will send a set of copies to you to accompany these archives.

We are proud and happy to give you this material, and would like to assure you that as more salons take place on either coast the Schlesinger Library will be the recipient of all additional documentation.

With our sincere admiration for the important work you are doing in preserving women's history, we remain,

Yours in Sisterhood,
Marcia Miller,
Gloria Orenstein

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