Information about this sculpture came from "A Survey of Important Sculptures in Los Angeles County" June 25, 1998, prepared by Sculpture Conservation Studio, Inc., and Glenn Wharton and Associates, Inc. Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement.

Artist: Tilden, Douglas

Title: "Stephen M. White"

Location: Holt Ave. and Oliver Vickery Circle Way, San Pedro (entrance to the Cabrillo Beach Museum)

Date of Manufacture: 1908

Date of Installation: Original Installation: 1908 Moved: 1959 Current Location: Feb 23, 1989.

Foundry or Fabrication: American Bronze Foundry Co., Chicago

Dimensions: Bronze: H: 7' x W: 4'2" x D: 5'2"; Base: H: 3'9" x W: 6' x D: 7'10"

Plaque: Located on front of base

Inscriptions: Stephen M. White/ 1853-1901/ Stephen M. White was elected Los Angeles County/ District Attorney in 1882, State Senator in 1886 and / United States Senator in 1893. During his term in/ the United States Snate, Senator White's most no-/ table accomplishment was his successful leadership of the flight to create the Los Angeles Harbor in / San Pedro as opposed to Santa Monica Bay, the site/ that was being advocated by powerful railroad/ interests...(this is approximately 50% of the text).

Siting: The sculpture is located in a traffic triangle, near the entrance to the Cabrillo Marine Museum and approximately 15' away from adjacent trafic. Aside from acid and carbon pollution from traffic and exposure to other acidic pollutants in the atmosphere, the sculpture is subject to airborne chlorides from the ocean, which is approximately 1/3 mile away. There is vegetaton in the traffic triangle, however sprinklers that might spray mineral laden water on the bronze were not observed during this inspection. The sculpture is readily accessible to the public. Birds roost on the top surfaces on the figure.

Description: The sculpture was originally installed in 1908 outside the Old County courthouse at the corner of Temple & Broadway (downtown LA). It was moved in 1959 to the current County Courthouse at 1st and Hill streets. It was moved to its current locatoin in San Pedro in 1989.

The sculpture depicts Stehen M. White standing in front of a cast bronze claw foot chair, with an eagle and wreath cast in low relief on the back side. His right arm is raised, and his left hand is in his front pocket. The figure is hollow cast in bronze. It is impossible to discern the original color of the patina.

The figure and chair are mounted on a bronze base, which appears to be attached to the concrete pedestal with four iron bolts. The concrete pedestal is set on a concrete platform which is surrounded by vegetation.

A bronze plaque is mounted on the front side of the pedestal.

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