River of Life (Pavers)

Robin Brailsford with Amphion Environmental. Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade. Part of the Downtown Transit Mall project.

The following information was provided by the artist:

"Robin Brailsford's part, "River of Life,"
was inspired by the City's Pacific Rim location
and Europe's busy urban street. It includes
6 Lithocrete (or rustic terrazzo) intersections.
The color and pattern comes from colored glass chips
added to the concrete mix."
Photograph courtesy of Robin Brailsford:

"Lithocrete, as seen here, had never been used in an intersection of this magnitude before (much less six!). We had to create a geometric pattern and concrete mix to accommodate heavy traffic with 24 hours of casting. The pattern, which Brailsford calls "Los Scramblas," was inspired by the geometry of origami folding patterns and the paths pedestrians take as they cross these busy streets."

Photograph courtesy of Robin Brailsford:

"Brailsford made fort-four glass, gold and porcelain mosaic pavers in her studio, that were then installed in the city sidewalk. The pavers' bright decorative patterns suggest Yuzen origami folding papers. These beautiful mosaics are amongst the most popular aspects of the project."

Photograph courtesy of Robin Brailsford:

Other types of pavers (photographs by Ruth Wallach):

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