Christian Moeller. Part of the Art at Santa Monica Place.

Text from a plaque:
Christian Moeller's "Sliver" is a constantly changing commentary on media - a compelling contemporary concept for a city where an impressive percentage of people are involved with media, the arts and entertainment. "Sliver" is a slender tower reaching to 60 feet that marks the end of the Third Street Promenade. Set in the Plaza of the new Santa Monica Place, what Moeller calls a "dynamic line of light" shows an ever changing "sliver" of live news media - whether it is a hair's breath of CNN news or a pencil-thin view of the BBC. Moeller's body of work represents original investigations of the intersections of cinema, computers, music and physical space. His design for Sliver will draw visitors to observe, through LED projection, the work's representation of the news of the day - a clever commentary on today's never-ending cycle of 24-hour news.

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