River of Life (Bus shelters)

Robin Brailsford with Amphion Environmental. Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade. Part of the Downtown Transit Mall project.

The following information was provided by the artist:
"Twelve stainless steel and custom glass bus shelters grace the eleven-block site. In form they suggest the reach of street trees and the early shopping arcades of Paris. The shelters signal arrival and suggests a sense of place. The streetlights, Brailsford found in Barcelona, and were used here for the first time the USA. The team together designed the argyle moss green sidewalks, and all the landscape and urban micro-architecture elements. They placed comfortable, sophisticated park benches in conversational groupings throughout the project site. As seen in the detail, the canopies are roofed with glazed in misty blue or green, custom wired glass, and fused with sheets of thin, reflective copper."

Photographs courtesy of Robin Brailsford:

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