Information about this sculpture came from "A Survey of Important Sculptures in Los Angeles County" June 25, 1998, prepared by Sculpture Conservation Studio, Inc., and Glenn Wharton and Associates, Inc. Do not reproduce information from this site without acknowledgement.

Artist: Sharpless, Ada May

Title: "Queen of the Angels"

Location: Echo Park, Glendale Blvd. and Park Avenue, Los Angeles (north side of lake)

Date of Manufacture: 1934

Date of Installation: Accepted by the park commission 6/34

Foundry or Fabrication: Unidentified

Dimensions: sculpture: 10' x 2' - 4" x 2' - 4"; Base: 1' - 10" x 5' - 10" x 5' - 10"

Plaque: no plaques were seen during this survey

Inscriptions: none

Siting: The sculpture is currently located outdoors in the fenced maintenance yard at the park. It is crudely crated with 2" x 4" wood covered with plywood. The wood is untreated and warped due to exposure to the elements.

Description: The sculpture consists of a five tiered cast stone base with a standing female figure on the top. The three bottom tiers are undecorated. The fourth tier is decorated in relief with landscape and cityscape designs. The figure itself stands with arms raised, bent at the elbows held close to her body. Her left leg is slightly bent under a long flowing dress. The sculpture is stylized in the art deco period.

The original concrete footing is still attached to the base of the sculpture.
- funded through the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP)
- The artist was raised and educated in Southern California. This is one of several sculptures made in the 1930's for local parks and associations. (See SOS! Dictionary of Art and Artists in Southern California: Before 1930 by Nancy Dustin Wall Moore, pg. 227)

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