1996, Barbara McCarren. Transit Yard Courtyard, Montebello. From the artist's description (courtesy of Barbara McCarren):

Commissioning Body: City of Montebello, 1993-1996

Collaborative team members: Blue McRight, project artist, John Wulfmeyer of RNL Interplan, Architects, and Doug Brown of Melendrez Associates Landscape Architects.

Project Description:

In this project the artists' intent was to create a place for the transit users to feel comfortable in and also to provide imagery that reveals its meaning over time. The Montebello Corporate Yard Facility is at the heart of a series of daily journeys throughout the City. Our design concept for the site involves the idea of a journey through time and space and is largely based on different maps of the city.

The project is a multi-media artwork in two- and three-dimensions. The artwork moves from the future and present, which incorporates painted maps and porcelain photographs, into the past, using symbols and physical aspects of the history of Montebello.

A freestanding greenhouse wall reflects the city's past importance as a horticultural center. A curved brick stairway is an homage to the Simon's Brickyards, an exploitative enterprise active in Montebello through the 1960s. The bricks are etched with family names of the brickyard workers. The dry spiral pool (a spiral as an ancient symbol for a journey) completes the linear aspect of the artwork and is executed in river rock to reference the local Rio Hondo.

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