Memorial to World Trade Center

Valley Drive/Ardmore Avenue and Fifteenth (15th) Street, Manhattan Beach, California

Text from the plaque: "The Memorial's two steel columns are recovered remnants of the World Trade Center towers that collapsed in New York City on September 11, 2001. The rectangular shapes cut out of this wall represent the twin towers. Etched above in orange is a representation of one complete structural component. To show the scale of the World Trade Center towers, each tower was comprised of approximately 3,000 of these components, which formed their outer shells. The North and South towers stood 110 stories each...more than 50 times taller than the Fire Station you see in front of you. Each steel column has been raised up where it originally stood within a structural components, which is represented by the full-scale dark grey concrete shape on the ground. The overall angled design of this Memorial places it in alignment with the New York City grid. In addition, the two columns echo the physical relationship that the twin towers originally had to one another.


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