The Helmsman

1931-1950. Carl Romanelli. Burton W. Chance Park, Marina del Rey.

Text from the plaque: For many years, this statue stood in front of and was a trademark for the world renowned Helms bakery on Venice boulevard in Los Angeles. On October 6, 1971, it was generously donated to the Marina by the Helms family. In 1975, through the generosity of the Marina's Yacht clubs it was provided with a new helm.

The text below comes courtesy of the Civic Art department, Los Angeles County Arts Commission:

"The Helmsman is an approximately 10-foot tall cast concrete figure in staunch repose with both hands clenched on a wooden helm. His posture is tight, his body hunched over, and his expression determined. Although formerly the symbol of the unfaltering delivery service of the Helms Bakery, The Helmsman fits perfectly in this maritime environment."

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