A Bouquet for Lummmis

John O'Brien and Cielo Pessione

2009. A temporary, site-specific public art installation at El Alisal, the historic Charles F. Lummis home, in Highland Park, CA. Photographed by Robert Wedemeyer. Image courtesy of John O'Brien.

This installation was part of the Arroyo Arts Collective "Bringing the Past To Light: New Art from Old Images". The artists fabricated and installed a phantom balcony of light metal on the Lummis house in proximity to where it would have been, had Lummis finished it. On it, the artists created a window-like framing device, modeled after the furniture Lummis used. Projected on this is a sequence of images of gardens and plants, starting with black and white photographs by Lummis of his own garden and transitioning to images of gardens and plants in bloom in the Highland Park area now.

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