You are not Forgotten

Peter Stewart

Santa Monica, California, 1992. RTD bus yard, Pacific Ave at Sunset Court. Memorial to the MIAs and POWs of the Vietnam War. Involved in this project were Tom Wilson, Shad Meshad, Gary Siegrist, Tony Martin, Jim Koch, Penny Gamble, Patty Dimond, The Lundy's, Clive McLean, Tom Clover, Patty Study, Denny Clark, Babe Armstrong, The Leeders, Eric Linser, Les Himes, Lorin Lindner, Barbara Baren, Marta Maestas, Simba Robers, Brian Snoddy, Lloyd Ringrose, Wayne Hodge, Jody Leduc, Sandra McAfee, Carl Kravitz, Bill Altmann, J. B. Boyland, Jim Gentry, California Condor Squadron, Patrick Media Group, INC, RTD, Gold's Gym, Sam's-U-Drive, Vietname Veterans of America #526, P.O.W. Freedom Foundation, Inc., AMVETS C.C.P. #2

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