Women and the Labor Movement in California

Eva Cockcroft

1991. Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, 6120 South Vermont Avenue (between 61st and 62nd streets). Acrylic, 7.6' x 34'.

Slogans from the mural: "Our days shall not be sweated from birth untill life closes. Hearts starve as well as bodies: Give us bread, but give us roses." (Bread and Roses, words by James Oppenheim). "Equal pay for equal work!" "They say I should be happy that my pay it ain't too bad. They forget I'm the only parent, that my kids have ever had." (Ballad of a Working Mother, words by Marilyn Major).

The mural features Dolores Huerta, United Farm Workers Union Leader; Luisa Moreno, agricultural worker organizer; Charlotta Bass, California Eagle editor; Rose Pesotta, International Ladies Garment Workers Union organizer; Dorothy Healey, political activist. (Dunitz, Street Gallery, p. 218)

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