Love is for Everyone

Mary Linn Hughes and Reginald Larue Zachary

5149 Jefferson Boulevard (and Sycamore). Acrylic, 50' x 12'. Figure painter: Tammy Moritz; assistants: Karen Akamine, Amoke, Ramona Bell, Bob Deden, Sybil Grinnell, Mary Lou Hughes, Cindi Madere, Barbara Margolies, Sherri Morris, Christine Wada, Ronnie Welch & the Bumpers family. Sponsored by SPARC.

Text on the mural: I am your co-worker, I am the married couple who live down the street, I am your high school teacher, the woman you sit next to on the bus, the plumber who fixes your sink, the athlete you watch on television, the field worker who harvests your food, I am your brother, your sister, I am a person living with AIDS. The same text repeats in Spanish.

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