Black Seeds

David Mosley, Eddie Orr, Norman Maxwell, Michael McKenzie, Marvin Hunt

1991. Leslie Shaw Park, Jefferson Boulevard and 3rd Ave. Inspired by Gus Harris Jr. Youth artists: Holy Name of Jesus School (Holman Arthurs, Ava Duhe, Carla Hebrard, Rochelle Watson, Jerome Cattouse, Earl Braithwaite, Christina Foster, Michelle Montgomery), 36th Street Elementary School (Sergio Alvarenza, Eric Chavez), Dorsey High School (Billy Burgos, Brian Wilson). Sponsored by: The Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC), made possible through a contract with the Cultural Affairs Department, City of Los Angeles. Neighborhood Pride. Special Thanks: Mr and Mrs Walter L. Watson (owner of building). Other sponsors: Jefferson Lock & Key, MC Printing, Durousseau Electric, Steinberg, Nutter & Brent.

According to Robin Dunitz, the mural's central focus is a tree of life composed of human bodies and writing. Each branch displays a portrait of an important African American personality. (Dunitz, Street Gallery, 1993, p.218). Paula Lauren Gibson elaborated further in early February 2011 in her CNN report "Black Seeds" Mural Celebrating Black History ( "The original canvas upon which the mural was based hangs in the Oaks Jr Market corner store located at 5th and Jefferson Boulevard. One of several public murals in the area, Black Seeds celebrates the history of black Americans from Africa through slavery and on to the current black president. Other notable black figures of history are also depicted in the mural."

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