Well of Scribes

1926, Bertram Goodhue and Lee Lawrie. Now lost. The well commemorated scribes of all nations. Formerly in front of the Los Angeles Public Library. The scheme was as follows (the is based on the "Hand Book of the Central Building Los Angeles Public Library", published in 1927, p. 16.): it showed writers of all races and times inscribing the records of their nations. Central was Pegasus with the torch, serpent and stars, symbols of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. To the right was the group that represented the European tradition - the Greek, the Roman, the Hebrew, the Monastic Clerk, followed by the two American figures, the Aztec, with the symbol of the Sun above his chisel, and the North American Indian painting his pictographs upon a skin. To the left were the Egyptian, the Chaldean, the Phoenician the Chinese, the Arab, and the Paleolithic artist with a sabre-tooth over his head, sketching his cave image of the mammoth. The shell above the fountain, from which water issued, represented the western sun sinking beneath the waves.

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