Medical Walk of Fame

1984, Exposition Park, near the museum administrative buildings.

Text from the plaque: The Medical Walk of Fame is dedicated to the hundreds of actors and actresses who have portrayed medical professionals on popular television shows and in motion pictures. Through their roles, these individuals have erected a lasting imprint on the public's awareness of the health care industry. This walkway serves as a cornerstone to the "Health for Life" exhibit, located in the Kinsey Hall of Health, and sponsored by the Hospital Council of Southern California. The arcade provides visitors with a better understanding of health care and the wonders of the human body. Created on July 19, 1984, the Medical Walk of Fame hopes to expand by inviting other medical heroes to pave the way for millions of museum visitors each year. HCSC Hospital Council of Southern California.


The walk of fame includes hand and show imprints of: David Morse, St. Elsewhere; Cynthia Sikes, St. Elsewhere; Vince Edwards, Ben Casey; Betty Ackerman, Ben Casey; John Beradino, General Hospital; Ed Begley, St. Elsewhere.

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