Main Entrance to Exposition Park

The entrance to the park has the following texts etched into the pillars:

Etched in stone on the west pillar: The Foundation of Every State is its Education of its Youth.

Text from the bronze plaque on the west pillar: "Citius * Altius * Fortius". The ultimate origin of the ancient Olympic games is lost in the prehistoric past. In the ninth century before the Christian era the young men of Greece were already accustomed to gather on the sacred ground of Olympia to honor their god Zeus by athletic contests. Of purely secular ideals of manhood none loftier have been given to humanity than those of the ancient Olympic contests, which extolled clean living, clean thinking, and clean sportsmanship above all other virtues. The contests flourished during the period while Greek civilization was attaining its highest development. In 394 A. D. the games were abolished by the Emperor Theodosius. The cause of peace and international good will received a powerful ally when in 1896, the Olympic games were revived at Athens, Greece. For this the world is indebted to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, of France, who in 1892 first urged a new era in international sport for the inculcation of those traits of noble manhood that distinguished the ancient greek festivals. With each succeeding Olympiad these gaimes have gained in significance an appeal until they are now a potent influence in the promotion of world friendship.

Etched in stone on the east pillar: The End of All Good Government is the Happiness of the People.

Text from the bronze plaque on the east pillar: Exposition Park Entrance/Commemorating Xth international Olympiad Los Angeles, California, 1932./ Herbert Hoover President of the United States of America/James Rolph Jr. Governor of California. John Porter Mayor of Los Angeles/Wm. May Garland, member, International Olympic Committee/Sixth district agricultural association. Wm. M. Bower being president/C. L. Heartwell, vice president/George F. Bovard, W. H. Harrison, Frank M. Keefer, Standish L. Mitchell, A. T. Richardson, Clark F. Waite, Charles L. Silson, secretary.

Board of Park Commissioners. Mabel V. Socha being president, John Swanfield - vice president, George H. Baines , George F. Bovard, Van M. Griffith, Frank Shearer superintendent, J. J. Hassett secretary.

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