Mary's Cherries

Mika Rottenberg

2003. Part of The Standard Projection: 24/7 at the Standard Hotel, 550 South Flower at 6th Street, Los Angeles.
Below is the description as it appeared in February 2010:

Digital Video on DVD, Color, Sound. TRT: 5 min, 50 sec. The question of labor and the exploitation of women's bodies lie at the heart of Rottenberg's humorous video installations. in Mary's Cherries, three female wrestlers perform a series of bodily actions in small claustrophobic chambers on successive floors. Two women rapidly pedal exercise bikes to power a UV light that promotes the growth of red fingernails. Each nail is carefully cut and dropped through a hole in the floor where another laborer massages and rubs it, softening it so that when the fingernail is passed to the next laborer it is easily transformed intoa sticky maraschino cherry.  Rottenberg juxtaposes the depersonalized production line with the individuality of the workers, whose sensually grotesque bodies actively become part of the production of commodities.  - The Irrestistible Force (Exhibition Catalog) Tate Modern, London, 2007

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