Daffodil Metamorphosis

Bibliography of resources

1. Downtown Cultural Trust Fund Contract for Artist Services, Michael Tansey, no date.

2. "Daffodil Metamorphosis," proposal by Michael Tansey, April 4, 1995.

3. Memorandum from David Riccitiello, Project manager, to Randall C. Bacon, General Manager, Department of General Services, City of Los Angeles, re: conversion of air raid siren at Figueroa/Olympic, June 20, 1995.

4. Handwritten note, "Presentation Meeting," July 14, 1995.

5. Engineering drawings, by Mehrzad Givechi, Decoma Industries, August 30, 1995.

6. "Siren Call," Los Angeles Times, September 24, 1995.

7. Memorandum from Mickey Gustin, Arts Planner, to Michael Tansey, re: presentations, December 1, 1995.

8. Agenda, Public Art Committee, Cultural Affairs Commission, December 13, 1995.

9. Memorandum from Lesley Elwood, CRA Art Program, to Ray Gandara, Tree Maintenance, re: Traffic Island at Olympic & Figueroa, January 24, 1996.

10. Memorandum from Lesley Elwood, Arts Program, to Gayle Anderson, Public Information, re: Michael Tansey, Public Artwork, March 4, 1996.

11. Memo to Lesley, re: schedule of installation, no date.

The bibliography has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, October 1998.

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