Untitled (Lady Liberty Facing West)

Background Information

Victor DiSuvero and Judith Harper, 1987. 50'h x 13'w tile mural. 843 S. Los Angeles Street
Victor DiSuvero suggested to the owners of the building, who were immigrants from Iran, that they do something to improve the appearance of the area and express their appreciation for being in America. The owners liked the design for a mural di Suvero drew of the Statue of Liberty facing the Pacific. According to di Suvero, the theme of the mural is bringing the peoples of the world together in Los Angeles. After a professional designer prepared a cartoon of his design, the owners took it to the Barbara Beall Studio in Torrance for fabrication.(1)

Judith Harper, who had worked for the studio for over 10 years, was responsible for executing the mural. She adjusted the proportions and arrangement of di Suvero's design by reducing the size of the Statue of Liberty to fit the space. She also made the imagery more realistic by basing it on photographs of the Statue of Liberty and a map of the Pacific. Harper executed the mural, which is painted on "6" tile from Germany, in three months.(2)


1 Interview of Victor DiSuvero by Michael Several, October 11, 1989.

2 Interview of Judith Harper by Michael Several, September 16, 1989.

The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, January 2000.

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