Hope Street Terminus: The Garden of Conversion

1996, Blue McRight, Warren Wagner. 19'h x 5'w x 3'd (lantern). Photographs by Ruth Wallach, Blue McRight and Warren Wagner; images by McRight and Wager are courtesy of Blue McRight. Located on Hope Street and 17th Street, under the ramp to the I-10 Freeway.

Text from the plaque: Hope Street Terminus: The Garden of Conversion; Blue McRight and Warren Wagner, 1996. Funded by the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency. Project donors: California Hospital Medical Center, Concorde Battery, Fire LTD, Parker/Resnick Structural Engineering, Siemens Solar Industries. Special thanks to: Abbott Enterprises, California Dept. of Transportation, California Sample Research, Scott Clark Construction, H. R. Swanton, Inc., Los Angeles Conservation Corp.


Photographed by Ruth Wallach:



Images below courtesy of Blue McRight.


General setting of the work in 1996:                                                        Photovoltaic panel:




Night time view:

Inscription at the base of the lantern:

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