Hope Street Terminus: The Garden of Conversion

1996, Blue McRight, Warren Wagner. 19'h x 5'w x 3'd (lantern). Hope St. and 17th.
Funded by a $25,000 grant from the Community Redevelopment Agency's Downtown Cultural Trust Fund, and supported with $25,000 in in-kind donations, this project reclaims a blighted area where Hope Street dead-ends at 17th Street under the Santa Monica Freeway. A "lantern" fabricated of steel tubing and woven steel wire, that refers to a lantern that topped the nearby California Medical Center, rises from a 18" high triangular plinth incised with the word "Hope" in 48 of the numerous languages spoken by residents in Los Angeles. Each night, beginning at dusk, the lantern is illuminated for eight hours by electricity generated during the day from solar energy collected by photovoltaic panels. McRight and Wagner mounted the panels on a steel stanchion at the site's entrance. They also converted the surrounding hardscape into a garden with drought-resistant Fountain Grass and Climbing Fig.

The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, September 1998.

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