Tribute to Artists

Murals by the L. A. Art Showcase, Parking garage underneath the Civic Center, Los Angeles.

Text from description: "Grant from Municipal Arts Department. Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky - sponsoring Councilman; Councilman Gilbert Lindsay - sponsoring Councilman.

Art Group: L. A. Art Showcase - a non-profit arts organization sponsoring artist/muralist Stephanie Taylor of the Supergraphics Group, Los Angeles, and 6 assistant muralist assistants: Sue Squires, Wilson Ferragut, Hector Martinez, Ricky Gallego, Sandra Beladino and Joan ??? (hard to read)."

The murals feature Walt Disney, Simon Rodia, Greene & Greene, Martha Graham, Georgia O'Keefe, Louise Nevelson, Duke Ellington, John Barrymore, Fred Astaire, Arthur Rubenstein, Carlo Maria Giulini, Neil Simon. However, the murals also include images for Casablanca and the Marx Brothers, which are not listed on the dedicatory plaque.

Fred Astaire:
Arthur Rubenstein:
Georgia O'Keefe and Carlo Maria Giulini:
Marx Brothers:
Neil Simon:
Greene and Greene:
Simon Rodia:
Duke Ellington:
Martha Graham:
John Barrymore:

Photos taken 5/2010.

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