by Joel Shapiro

Bibliography of resources

1. Joel Shapiro, Bibliography, PaceWildenstein Gallery, no date.

The following documents were obtained from the General Services Administration:

1) Full Page Report for AA154, November 23, 1993, (computer printout of actions and documents pertaining to Shapiro's scultpure.

2) Letter from Duncan Lent Howard, Commissioner, General Services Administration, to Joel Shapiro, July 29, 1987, re: notification of selection to design, execute and install a sculpture at Federal Office Building in Los Angeles.

3) Letter from Joel Shapiro to Marilyn Farley, Art-in-Architecture Program, General Services Administration, October 19, 1987, re: inquiry concerning storage after fabrication.

4) Technical Analysis, Project No. NCA01600, Art- In-Architecture - Exterior Sculptures, Los Angeles Federal Building, no date.

5) Contract for Artists' Services between General Services Administration and Joel Shapiro, no date.

6) Award/Contract between General Services Administration and Joel Shapiro, February 3, 1988.

7) NEA Panel Review: Proposals by Nancy Holt and Joel Shapiro, February 16, 1989.

8) Letter from Hugh Southern, Acting Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts, to Richard Austin, Acting Administrator, General Services Administration, re: report on panelās review of proposals by Joel Shapiro and Nancy Holt.

9) Memorandum from John J. Landers to Richard Welsh, dated May 24, 1990, re: Proposed Temporary Exhibit of Joel Shapiro's Sculpture in New York City.

10) Letter from Dale Lanzone to Joel Shapiro, June 8, 1990, re: granting permission to exhibit work in Doris C. Freeman Plaza, New York City.

11) Memorandum from Dale Lanzone to Elmo Novaresi, November 8, 1991, re: Final Acceptance of artworks at the Los Angeles Federal Center.

12) Letter from Joel Shaprio to Dale Lanzoni, November 15, 1991, re: reservations concerning site for sculpture.

The bibliography has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, November 1997.

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