New World

by Tom Otterness

Bibliography of resources

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The following documents were obtained from the General Services Administration:

1) Computer printout of documents and actions taken in connection with installation.

2) Memo from Edwin W. Thomas to Terence C. Golden, October 20, 1986, re: Nomination Panel for Selection of an Artist/Artists for the new Federal Building, Los Angeles, California.

3) Handwritten note, undated, re: details concerning Art in Architecture meeting on January 27 and 28, 1986.

4) Sign-in sheet for November 14, 1986, Art in Architecture panel.

5) Memo from Becket, January 21, 1987.

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7) Letter from Don Kohler, AIA, Welton Becket Associates, to Robert Meghnagi, GSA, dated April 15, 1987, re: need to select artists early.

8) Letter from Duncan Lent Howard to Tom Otterness, dated July 29, 1987, re: notice of selection.

9) Memo from Elmo Novaaresi to Meghnagi, dated September 18, 1987, re: fee negotiation on October 13 and 14.

10) Conference Report No. 29, from Welton Becket Associates, dated October 29, 1987.

11) Handwritten notes, undated, re: objectives for public art program at Federal Center.

12) Handwritten note, undated, re: plans for panel meeting.

13) Contract between General Services Administration and Tom Otterness, March 25, 1988.

14) Routing Slip from Robert Meghnagi or Leon Douat, Aki Nakao, June 8, 1988, re: L.A. Fed. Bldg. artwork selection meeting.

15) Letter from Frank Hodsoll, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts, to John Alderson, Acting Administrator, General Services Administration, dated August 25, 1988, summary of actions of artist selection panels.

16) Handwritten Cronology(sic) - Approval of Artist's Proposal, undated.

17) Memorandum from Duncan Lent Howard to Edwin Thomas, September 8, 1988, re: changes in contract with Otterness.

18) Fax from Tom Otterness to Dale Lanzone, September 19, 1988, re: attached contract language for Architectural Sculpture Production from Architectural Sculpture Service.

19) Handwritten note, September 26, 1988, re: Amendment to contract with Tom Otterness.

20) Memorandum from Duncan Lent Howard to Clyde Sargent, October 22 and 24, 1988, re: approval of artist's proposal and recommendation for payment.

21) Memorandum from Dale Lanzone to Aki Nako, October 3, 1988, re: review of modifications to original proposal.

22) Memorandum from Aki Nakao to Dale Lanzone, October 21, 1988, re: approval of modifications.

23) Memorandum from Dale Lanzone to Aki Nakao, January 23, 1989, re: payment to Otterness and need for extremely high quality casting.

24) Letter from Don Kohler, Welton Becket Associates, to Robert Falls, CRSS, January 24, 1989, re: request name and experience of sub-contractor providing artwork pre-cast panels.

25) Minutes of Meeting on Fabricating the Otterness Frieze, February 17, 1989.

26) Handwritten draft of notes of meeting, February 17, 1989.

27) Memorandum from Dale Lanzone to Robert Megnaghi, March 31, 1989, re: Otterness' concern about quality of molds.

28) Letter from David Wysocki, Welton Becket Associates, to Paul Sargoni, CRSS, April 3, 1989, re: Artist Requested Changes t Pergola/Fountain.

29) Memorandum from Dale Lanzone to Robert Megnaghi re: attached April 25, 1989, letter from Tom Otterness to David Wysocky of Ellerbe Becket re: changes to plans to accommodate frieze and base for sculpture in fountain.

30) Memorandum from Dale Lanzone to Aki Nakao, June 2, 1989, re: attached June 2, 1989 letter from Tom Otterness to Dale Lanzone re: status of project and request for payment and June 2, 1989 letter from Richard Polich, Tallix, to Dale Lanzone, re: payment.

31) Fax from Elmo Novaresi to Dale Lanzone, undated, re: transmittal of September 26, 1991, memorandum from Damon Yee to Elmo Novaresi re: Request additional funds to cover the exterior art in architecture contract modification, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract, September 5, 1990, and Tom Otterness Contract Amendment II Justification.

The bibliography has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, November 1997.

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