Los Angeles Cathedral of Our Lady

Jose Rafael Moneo, 2001.

Some views of the Cathedral

Robert Graham, Our Lady of the Angels

Robert Graham, Great Bronze Doors

Stained glass and fresco at the crypt/mausoleum

John Nava, Tapestries of saints

John Nava, Baptism

St. Teresa of Avila

Ezcaray Retablo

Johnny Bear Contreras, Native American Memorial in the yard of the Cathedral

Gateway Pool and Waterfall

Jerusalem Fountain

Angels with names of donors on a glass wall over the freeway

Carillon Bells

Sidewalk at the entrance to the grounds


Lalo Garcia, Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine

Temporary construction fence mural, Temple at Grand, 1999-2001

To Public Art at the Los Angeles Civic Center

Photos taken by Ruth Wallach
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