Gingko leaf pattern

Background information

1973-1975, by Hanns Scharff.
Surviving as a living fossil, the gingko tree grows a leaf similar in form, size and structure to those its ancestors had 175 to 200 million years ago. Periodic glaciers reduced its world-wide distribution to China and Japan, where it was preserved into historic times as a planting around tombs and temple gardens. After the gingko tree was reintroduced into Europe and North America during the 18th century, Goethe wrote "Gingko Biloba":

Leaf of Eastern tree transplanted
Here into my garden's field
Hast me secret meaning granted
Which adepts delight will yield

Art thou one--one living being
Now divided into two?
Art thou two, who jointed agreeing
and in one united grew?

To the question, pondered duly,
Have I found the right reply:
In my poems you see truly
Twofold and yet one am I.[1]

Inspired by the poem, Scharff adopted the tree's unique fan- shaped leaf as a symbol of life and incorporated its form within fountains and alongside escalators and stairways throughout the Los Angeles Mall using Venetian glass of various shades of blue.

Footnote: 1. Carus, Paul, Goethe with Special consideration of His Philosophy, 1915, The Open Court Publishing Company, p. 223

The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, September 1997.

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