Frank Putnam Flint Fountain

Henry MacKay and Julia Bracken Wendt, 1933. City Hall, 1st and Temple.

Dedicated to Frank Putnam Flint (after whom Flintridge is named), 1862-1929. Text from plaque: The fountain is dedicated to and commemorates the public service of Frank Putnam Flint, United States Senator, 1905-1911. While representing California in the US Senate in 1906, Senator Flint led the campaign to permit construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct on federal land. The US Senate readily approved his legislative proposal. But when the House of Representatives resisted it, Senator Flint obtained the support of his friend, President Theodore Roosevelt. Soon thereafter, the House approved Senator Flint's bill. Thus, the Los Angeles Aqueduct became possible, leading to a reliable water supply from the Owens Valley and modern development of the Los Angeles region. Senator Flint's many other accomplishments included securing significant federal funding for the development of Los Angeles Harbor."

Fountain in the late 1990s, before restoration:

Fountain in 2006, after restoration:

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