Firemen's Memorial

Historical Background

1944, W.E. Maltby. 12'6"H x 8'L x 6"W
Since its dedication on October 14, 1944, to "the fighting men of the Fire Department, City of Los Angeles, who met violent death while in performance of their duties," this simple memorial on the southwest corner of the City Hall grounds has been a focal point for ceremonies honoring fallen firemen. An upright grey granite center shaft containing the memorial inscription is flanked on two sides by shafts of black marble. Carved in a block of white Italian marble that caps the work are emblems of the fire department--badges (one containing the number 658), the Maltese Cross and the Phoenix. The monument was commissioned by the Los Angeles Firemen's Relief Association and the design was approved by the city's Board of Fire Commissioners, the Board of Public Works and the Art Commission.

The text has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, February 1998.

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