Federal Center

Bibliography of resources

1. Los Angeles Federal Center, prepared for the General Services Administration by Welton Becket Associates, no date.

2. Text of Presentation on Metropolitan Detention Center by Ed Carfagno, Welton Becket Associates, May 1, 1985.

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4. Letter from Terence C. Golden, General Services Administration, to The Honorable Frank S. Hodsoll, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts, October, 22, 1986, re: request the chairman nominate three to five artists for the new Federal Building in Los Angeles.

5. Memo from Becket to Art-in-Architecture, January 21, 1987, re: sites for installation of artwork.

6. Becket Conference Report No. 10, January 26, 27, 1987, re: selection of artist(s) for Art-in-Architecture Program.

7. Memorandum from Art-In-Architecture Program to Terence C. Golden, February 19, 1988, re: Artists Nominations - Primary Site, Los Angeles, with attached letter from Frank Hodsoll, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts to the Honorable Terence Golden, General Services Administration, December 17, 1987, re: recommendations of the artist selection panel.

8. Panel Minutes, NEA Panel Review Proposals by Nancy Holt and Joel Shapiro, February 16, 1989.

9. Letter from Hugh Southern, Acting Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts, to Richard G. Austin, General Services Administration, April 16, 1989, re: Nancy Holt will not submit an alternate proposal.

10. Memorandum from Yvonne T. Jones, Acting Assistant Commissioner, General Services Administration, to George Cordes, Acting Commissioner, Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration, June 16, 1989, re: Art-in-Architecture Projects in Region 9.

The bibliography has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, January 1998.

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