In the Eye of the Storm

Public artist: B. J. Krivanek; Public designer: Joel Breaux, 2002. Los Angeles St., near Parker Center

Text from the plaque: To symbolize the processes and human dimensions of the 911 system, this public art program is comprised of the following elements: Origins/Dilemmas-caller location codes and police incident codes inscribed on the plaza; The Vortex-a seemingly chaotic array of elliptical columns with dark polished surfaces to reflect the city in malevolent manner; The Connection-a glass cylinder, with inscriptions suggesting the interface between an operator and community resources via technology; Outcomes-words inscribed on the outer wall, which suggest the police department's role as a community resource. The interactive space in The Connection symbolizes that fragile moment when the person in distress calls the 911 system, to make an empathic yet anonymous connection. People on either side of the panel can talk to each other an cooperatively interact and revolve the panel, but not see each other.


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