Chinese Lions

From the plaques on the statues:

Presented to the City of Los Angeles by the Chinese American community under the auspices of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association commemorating the bicentennial of the independence of the United States of America, 1976.

"When the great way prevailed, every person was a part of public society, and public society belonged to everyone. The virtuous and the able were chosen for public office. Fidelity and friendliness were valued by all. Natural resources were fully used for the benefit of all, and not appropriated for selfish ends. People wanted to contribute their strength and ability to society for public good - but not for private gain." Excerpts from a statement made by Confucius in reference to the Three Dynasties (Hsia, 2205-1818, B. C., Shang, 1766-1154, B. C, Chou, 1122-255, B. C."

Female Lion:

Male Lion:

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